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Mar 27, 2011 9:00am EDT
rid of him. obama has not expressed that. he did sort of. who knows? >> what is our benchmark nina? >> am not any clearer t than evann is. this seems to me like the first president bush's war in iraq. we weren't sure exactly what -- our stated goal was to shove him back -- >> get him out of kuwait. >> there was a lot of discussion of whether we should get rid of saddam hussein or not. at is a bit where we are today. can we live with a divided and libya especially, -- essentially, and force with eight no-fly zone? >> colb >> i am not having as much difficulty understanding this, whether you agree to it -- whether you agree with that are not. the objective is to sp gaddafi from attacking his own people. their security, aircraft back on the ground, protected the civilian populatition. i think they have achieved the limited objective. the question is whether we go from here, but i don't see confusion on the limited objective. >> benchmark osuccess, charles? >> the international community's policy meaning the un opposition, is to protect the population. -- un that proposition, is to pro
Mar 25, 2011 8:30pm EDT
domestic terrorism if we do not get him. who knows? >> what is our benchmark of success? any idea, nina? >> i guess i am not any clearer than evan is. but this does seem like the first president bush's war in iraq. we were not sure exactly what our -- our stated goal was to shove him back -- >> get him out of kuwait. >> there was a lot of that discussion about whether to get rid of saddam hussein or not. that is where we are today. can we live with a divided libya that is in force with a no-fly zone? >> colby? >> i am not having the difficulty of the others understanding this, whether you agree with that are not. the objective is to stop gaddafi from killing his own people. deprive him of air superiority, put his aircraft back on the ground, and protect the civilian population. i think they have achieved that objective. the question is where to go from here. but i don't see confusion on the limited objective. >> benchmark for success, charles? >> the international community's policy, meaning the u.n. authorization, is to protect the population. that is the minimalist position. but the u
Mar 18, 2011 4:00am EDT
>>> good morning from cnn london, i'm nina del santos. >> and good afternoon from cnn hong kong, this is "world business today." we're following two big stories for you this friday, march 18th. >>> in japan, urgent attempts to avert a nuclear crisis enter a second week at the fukushima daiichi plant. workers douse one of the rea reactors with a water cannon. >>> in libya, gunfire in benghazi. but this time in celebration. rebels are rejoicing. but fears of retaliation by moammar gadhafi's forces are pushing the price of oil higher of. >>> so let's go straight to one of our top stories. the u.n. security council has put moammar gadhafi on notice that it will no longer permit his military bombardment of rebel positions from the air. while the council approved a no-fly zone on thursday authorizing "all necessary measures to protect civilians," libyan's ambassador to the united nations warmly welcomed thursday's revolution. he sides with the opposition and has called on gadhafi to step down. >> i would like to start by thanking the members of the security council for the resolution
Mar 29, 2011 4:00am EDT
. >>> good morning, from cnn london, i'm nina del santos. >> and i'm pauline chu, and this is world business today. the top stories on this tuesday, march 29th. u.s. president barack obama tries to explain his country's intervention in libya, but his critics are counting the cost of the operation. >>> shares in tepco sink further in tokyo trading. small amounts of plutonium found around the fukushima daiichi power plant. >>> and all of the news that's fit to print. the question is how much you'll pay for it. the "new york times" paywall is now up and running. >>> let's take you straight to the stock market action here in europe. some of these markets really taking a bit of a nose dive after yesterday's mix. we've got the ftse 100 down by .2%. the copper miner and woolsey is a plumbing company. that's not enough to counter the general market trend. the cac 40 down by .4% despite gains for the french banks. and the dax still down by .6% despite the fact we've got shares in some of the car makers up like bmw up by 1.5%. let's turn our attention towards the currency markets. the euro and the pou
Mar 27, 2011 6:00pm PDT
knows? >> any idea, nina? >> i guess i am not any clearer than evan is. this seems to me like the first president bush's first war in iraq. we were not sure exactly what our goal -- our stated goal was to shove them back -- >> get him out of kuwait. >> there were lots of questions about whether we should of gotten rid of saddam hussein 100 that is where we are today. can we live with a divided and libya with a no-fly zone? >> colby? >> i'm not having as much difficulty understanding this, whether you agree with it or not. the objective is to stop gaddafi from killing his own people. air superiority, aircraft back on the ground, protecting the civilian population. i think they have achieved that limited objective. the question is where do we go from here, but i don't see any confusion on the limited objective. >> benchmark of success, >> the international community's policy, meaning the u.n. authorization, is to protect the population. that is the minimalist position. the u.s. as a separate -- i don't know if they used the word "objective," but it is clear that he has to go. our national
Mar 23, 2011 4:00am EDT
. nina? >> pauline, let's turn our attention towards libya, where coalition bombs and missiles continue to rain down. aircraft like this u.s. marine corps harrier jet have flown more than 212 missions so far against the libyan forces. ships in the mediterranean has launched more than 160 tomahawk cruise missiles. in the daylight the damage is becoming clear. this is what is left of several large rocket launchers, trucks and also other military hardware in tripoli's port area. far to the east, a u.s. fighter plane crashed due to mechanical problems. that happened near the opposition strong hold of bengahzi. the two-man crew parachuted from the doomed aircraft. u.s. marines managed to extract crewmen, one was picked up by rebels and taken to a luxury hotel suite. he's back in american hands. two days after the coalition missile slammed into his tripoli compound, a defined moammar gadhafi has been addressing supporters. he urged muslims worldwide to join the battle against what he calls blatant aggression. >> translator: we will be victorious in this fight. we will not give up. they will n
Mar 8, 2011 4:00am EST
london, i'm nina dell santos. >> and good afternoon from cnn hong kong, i'm andrew stephens. welcome to "world business today." our top stories this tuesday, march 8th. it's the biggest u.s. insider trading probe in a generation. one-time billionaire faces a jury this tuesday. >>> the dark side of the chocolate industry. we investigate claims of child labor in west africa's cocoa farms as part of cnn's freedom project. >>> and as unrest sweeps the arab world, unemployment and high prices test the patience of young people in jordan. >>> let's kick off with a look at the european stock market action. markets have been open for just over an hour now. after the ftse 100 took a little bit of a tumble, these indices all trading up. we currently have the ftse up by 0.25% stronger. gains coming from the dax in frankfurt and the cac as well. the euro is down about one-fifth against the dollar, currently trading at 1.3935. the pound is flat at the the moment, the pound not being helped by news coming out of a leading trade body. we have a new npc member on the bank of england's rate setting co
Mar 16, 2011 4:00am EDT
'll be flying to israel. >>> good morning from cnn london, i'm nina del santos. >> and i'm andrew stevens, and you're watching a special edition of "world business today" with continuing coverage of the disaster in japan. and just moments ago, a somber message from japan's emperor in a rare but brief public address live on television. the emperor said he was praying for the safety of those affected by last week's devastating earthquake and tsunami. the japanese government is telling residents within a 10-kilometer radius of a second nuclear plant to evacuate. meanwhile workers have returned to the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant after the government lifted a plant evacuation order because radiation levels were dangerously high. concern continues to grow over the safety of spent nuclear fuel rods at that facility. and authorities are investigating the cause of white smoke or possibly steam rising from the plant's number three nuclear reactor. a top government official says radiation levels around the plant still fluctuate, but it's unclear why. >> translator: one thing i would like to conf
Mar 22, 2011 4:00am EDT
. pauline? >> on the ground, nina, libyan rebels are now able to hold on to areas government forces were poised to capture just days ago. arwa damon tells us about the elation and the profound concern opposition members in benghazi are still feeling. >> reporter: the protesters vowing, chanting that with their blood and souls they will continue to fight for their nation. also, we're calling the names of zinton and misrata. two cities where there are ongoing massacres by gadhafi sources. they are carrying a massive french flag to show their gratitude. to the french foreign fighter jets and other nations which brought gadhafi's military machine to a grinding halt outside of benghazi, preventing what many people felt was an imminent massacre. nima who is standing back there has her daughters in misrata and she hasn't heard from them quite some time now. she's naturally growing increasingly worried. we've been trying a list of numbers for her to get through but we're having absolutely no luck. [ speaking foreign language ] this is her son and he was just telling us that on al jazeera they sa
Mar 15, 2011 4:00am EDT
, i'm nina del santos. >> you're watching cnn's continuing coverage of the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in japan. and we begin with key new developments. the japanese government says there has been a surge in radiation levels outside japan's fukushima nuclear power plant. and as a precaution, officials are telling everyone within a 30-kilometer radius to remain indoors. japan's official death toll from friday's quake and tsunami stands at 2,500, with more than 3,100 people still missing. >>> on the stock markets, the nikkei 225 has nose dived for a second day in a row. >>> first, though, andrew, all eyes on japan's nuclear reactors as workers struggle to cool fuel rods. after days of setbacks, a fire broke out earlier this morning at reactor number four soon after naoto kan addressed the nation and the world. >> translator: for reactor number one and reactor number three, hydrogen came out and caused a hydrogen explosion. we've also seen fire at reactor number four. radiation has spread from these reactors, and the reading of the levels seems very high. there's still a very
Mar 5, 2011 7:30am EST
to our new six pack, the six-person team of viewers. today we've got an update on nina lovel. take a listen. she's the oldest member of the 2011 six pack, but don't let that fool you. nina lovel has the energy of a woman decades younger. >> you're on the record as saying 58 is the new 28. >> 58 is the new 28. >> and people always say 60 is the new 30 or 40. you really feel that way? you're embracing that? >> absolutely. >> what does that mean? >> it means that i want to feel better and better the older i get. you can tell by my license plate frame how excited i am about this triathlon. >> what i want you to focus in on this time is a little stronger press on your chest that's going to pick your hips up a little bit and get your heels closer to the surface of the water. >> the coach has nina swim different drills. she works on keeping her breathing regular. >> i'm convinced i can do it, but i'm a long way. i know i have my work cut out for me to be able to complete it. but i think i can. but it's not in the bag. not in the bag yet. >>> we're going to continue with the theme of peopl
Mar 29, 2011 11:00pm PDT
el crimen. 24:43 que el sacudio a la nina para que dejara de chillar 24:46 jocelyn no gatea, no camina, esta en varias terapias para que algun dia se pueda parar solita.... es incierto si va a poder ver bien y come con dificultad. lo que maria no puede creer es que la condena para alaguna fueron solo cuatro años ... 26:41 yo creo que es injusto porque el dano que el le hizo a la nina nunca lo va a volver a reparar la nina esta incapacitada no puede caminar, tiene dos anos no puede moverse ni nada 26:52 stephen wagstoff/fiscal del condado de san mateo :18 we were bitterly disapponited by the sentence nos frustra demasiado la sentencia, queriamos la maxima pena de 12 anos en prision, explico el fiscal quien agrego que al parecer el juez se sintio conmovido por el acusado que mostro un profundo arrepentimiento. 26:52 yo creo que no es justo porque el esta bien de salud pero mi hija no una injusticia no estoy de acuerdo 27:00 pilar nino/san bruno 46:07 el caso de jocelyn y maria no es unico de hecho se acaba de aprobar una ley que hace mas severa la sentencia en casos como esto
Mar 9, 2011 4:00am EST
today" starts now. >>> good morning, from cnn london, i'm nina del santos. >> and good afternoon from cn income hong kong, i'm andrew stephens, you're watching "world business today." >>> oil prices continue to soften as investors watch the latest from libya. >>> what happens when you don't turn off your electrical device in a plane? we'll be looking at a new study of safety in the air. >>> and making money out of misery. we look at the traffickers in human cargo. >>> well, the european stock markets have been open for about an hour now. let's have a look at how they faired. yesterday we did see a third straight day of losses for some of these markets. the dax basically flat. and as you can see, the ftse down by about .6%. and the currency markets, there's not an awful lot of movement either. the euro is down against the dollar at the moment. just below $1.39. and when it comes to the pound, that is pretty much flat at 1.61. rate setters will be deciding upon interest rates tomorrow. and that's amid concerns that inflation is still double the bank of england's own target. let me remind y
Mar 5, 2011 2:00pm EST
. this week, nina lovell. >> reach, reach, reach. like you're really going somewhere. >> she is the oldest member of the 2011 six pack but don't let that fool you. nina lovell has the energy of a woman decades younger. our tn record saying 58 -- 28 is the -- >> 58 is the new 28. >> people say 60 is the new 30. >> or 40. >> or 40. you really feel that way. >> absolutely. >> you embrace that. >> absolutely. >> what does that mean? >> it means that i want to feel better and better the older i get. >> it's been less than a month since the fit nation triathlon challenge began but nina is already envisioning the finish line in new york city. >> i'm so excited. you can tell my by license plate frame how excited i am about this triathlon. >> her daily routine is a thing of the past. now when she leaves work, it's for a spin class, a run outside or a swim lesson. >> what i want you to focus on is stronger press on the chest to pick your hips up and get your heels closer to the surface of the water. i want your heel come up and just break the surface. >> coach paul has nina swim different lessons in
FOX News
Mar 15, 2011 11:00pm EDT
ahead, little tiff between charles krauthammer and npr's nina totenberg. very entertaining, moments away. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morng begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon to begins with more pain and more pills. thevening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. np issue was debated last weekend by charles krauthammer and npr reporter nina totenberg. >> if the product is so superior, why does it have to live on the tit of the state the tone with which you defend it is exactly reflective of what we heard in that. this kind of liberal arrogance. >> it has nothing to do with it. it has to do with spending money. >> we give you good news. well then spend your own money. >> bill: yeah. spend your own money. joining us now from washington is charles krauthammer. yo
Mar 13, 2011 6:30am PDT
this is changed. john waage cbn news. >> joining us now is nina shay at the hudson institute. today they gathered on the streets of tahrir square, downtown, cairo in a show of symbolism. do you think this can be sustained in a post mubarak regime? >> i am concerned about the christians. they were there before islam. they have been there for about 2,000 years. they are very vulnerable. they do not have weapons, militias, tribal links. about 10 percent of the population. a very overwhelmingly, we don't now how much radicalized nation. >> the pictures of them demolishing the church. where was the police? the army, the authorities in protecting christians in the situations like this? >> the reports we are receiving, the police have melted away, particularly outside cairo. they have disappeared, not offering protection. the military came to that town but backed off, did not stop the violence. did not work to protect the christians. that is what is so alarming. they are vulnerable. it is a misnomer to talk ability glashs between christians and muslims or tensions. let's be clear about this. what we are
Mar 10, 2011 11:00pm EST
... ahora la preocupacion ahora se centra en la nina de dos anos que se quedo practicamente huerfana... dos anos, se quedara al cuado de su tia y su abuelita... muchos estas preocupados porque maria habria mandado cartas de amenazas... "diciendo que cuando ella salga la nina es de ella y que a ella no le importa hacer lo que tenga que hacer el alguacilde prince george es adoptando una politica mas agresiva para mantener el orden y la paz en las escuelas publicas despues de una serie de violentos incidentes, que fueron filmados por los mismos protagonistas... los uniformados seran enviados a la secundaria high point, y otros establecimientos que no fueron identificados... el alguacil melvin high, senalo que la presencia de policias es la maxima organizacion de salud del mundo tambien dice que es bueno el tenuna mascota fanny gutierrez en buena vibra nos explica cuales son buenas noches , os a comenzar con esta nota,en relacion al automovilismo,se tro que se llevo el piloto de la nascar greg biffle, cuando su avion privado a la hora de aterizar en el
Mar 16, 2011 6:00pm EDT
> " ademas de la galletas las ninas disenaron una pagina web y utilizan el correo electronico y las redes sociales para recaudar el dinero. llevaran la cantidad recaudada al consulado japones en nueva york". las ninas estan colocando afiches en su vecindario para dar a concer la iniciativa. la pagina web es accesible a traves de la pagina de la sociedad americana-japonesa del condado de fairfield. "es una causa internacional y queremos asegurarnos que otra gente, -no solo de nuestra escuela o nuestra area o gente que conocemos- puedan accederlo y donar". dicen que no saben cuanto dinero podran recaudar, pero afirman que -al margen de la cantidad- querian aportar su granito de arena. y en japones nos cuenta alice que lo que quiere es ayudar. sot (alice hablando en japones" adriana hauser, cnn, buenas tardes a todos. iniciamos con dc united, porque hoy fue presentado el plantel que jugara la temporada 2011, conoscamos a los nuegos jugadores del onceno capitalino. a solo tres dias para el inicio de la temporada regular de la mls para
FOX News
Mar 15, 2011 8:00pm EDT
in the private marketplace, that issue was debated last weekend by charles krauthammer and npr reporter nina totenberg. >> if the product is so superior, why does it have to live on the tit of the state the tone with which you defend it is exactly reflective of what we heard in that. this kind of liberal arrogance. >> it has nothing to do with it. it has to do with spending money. >> we give you good news. well then spend your own money. >> bill: yeah. spend your own money. joining us now from washington is charles krauthammer. you say it's so good nina totenberg. raise a fund for it have soros fund it. i don't get any of, this charles. so you will have to bring me inside the mind of nina totenberg and her ilk. >> i'm afraid -- >> bill: you know them. have you been on that panel for like 75 years. all right? >> i may be on the panel for 75 years. i may be a psychiatrist. but that is an impenetrable rtre. >> bill: there has got to be a reason why liberal democrats oryou know, there is this axiomi have that conservatives think that liberals are dumb, sweet, naive and dumb. but liberals think t
Mar 30, 2011 4:00am EDT
. >> that number so alarming. mar tifrn sal martin savidge with the latest information. thank you, martin. nina, back to you in london. >>> a heavy costs. swiss insurers said 2010 saw a huge spike in damages from human and natural disasters. economic losses from disasters last year totalled no less than $218 billion, that's more than three times greater than in 2009. $48 billion of the damage was insured. the largest came from the chile earthquake, that was $8 billion. the bp gulf of mexico oil spill cost about $1 billion, you can see on the chart behind me. but this year's total will certainly eclipse even last year's spike. already new zealand earthquake damages are estimated to be around $6 billion to $12 billion alone. and the earthquake and subsequent tsunami could total $300 billion here. experts blame growing populations, increasing wealth, and the growth of cities for estimating some of the specific costs related to natural disasters. >>> lloyd's of london reported 43% lower forecast profits due largely to the exposure to last yore's natural disasters. this year is shaping up badly inde
FOX News
Mar 28, 2011 2:00am EDT
. and it is time for our sunday group, brit hume, fox news senior political analyst. nina easton of fortune magazine. bill kristol from the weekly standard and fox news political analyst juan williams. it certainly hasn't been smooth. as we sit here at week's end nato has taken command not only of the no fly zone but also of the civilian protection mission. qaddafi forces pushed back from benghazi and then ajdabiya and now brega. brit, messy or not, is president obama's policy working out? >> so far, so good, i say. and i think what the president may be noticing here is for all that he is now saying about how we are not really front and center in this mission and it is really a multinational operation and so forth, this shows the inevitablity of american leadership in the world. the ability that was shown to quickly impose a kno no fly zo. was carried out by american war planes with help from some other countries. now, of course, the matter goes to nato control, supreme allied commander in nato is, of course, an american. nato itself, its military prowess is heavily american. this is -- thi
Mar 13, 2011 6:00pm PDT
been nothing but an attack on political correctness of a very high order. >> nina? >> that term political correctness is, at this point, and at that. >> it was meant as an epithet. >> i understand that, but it is incredibly not constructive. these hearings, even if they were about homegrown terrorism in the muslim communities, could have been constructive, but the second part of the hearings, what were billed as was, why isn't the muslim community doing more to condemn this, to fill in the black? the onus was put on the muslim community. there is a good deal to learn about this. the head of counterterrorism in the bush administration said this week if the emphasis had been on the first part, we may have learned something, but the witnesses did not tell us anything. >> the champions of the hearing had to be disappointed, as well as the critics. the first day was anything but starke chamber, anything but the inquisition. no one was burned at the stake. nobody was carried away in handcuffs. i do not know what will come of the hearings. certainly, given the attention to the discussi
Mar 30, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. >> it's certainly rather phenomenal year actually when you consider that it's a technically a la nina, a weak la nina which would not indicate we're going to have a snow pack of this magnitude. >> reporter: 10 feet of snow cover a me doe in summertime. if you melted this snow all at once, this me doe would be 4 feet under water. it's key for reservoir storage. >> he's probably -- he's waiting for our data right now. >> reporter: declared the three- year draught over. it was a mostly symbolic gesture. when the governor declared the draught in 2008, several policy changes went into effect as far as how water is distributed. those changes faded away over time. but what has changed is the near certainty of a good water year ahead. >> the reservoir should -- barring unforseen catastrophes, we should have decent water supply at least for this year. >> reporter: despite the healthy snow pack, governor brown and the official end of the draught, california should still conserve water. as he says, here in california demand always seems to outstrip supply. >> if the draught is over, why are we s
Mar 2, 2011 11:00pm PST
-escolar patricia garcia/madre de javier al grande nunca le he tenido que decir ponte a hacer la tarea, ni a la nina tampoco, la nina le dan el trabajo por 4 semanas, todo el mes y lo quiere hacer todo en un dia.. pero los ninos inteligentes nacen o se hacen?? maria ferman/madre de familia me imagino que nacen dona maria tampoco se queja de sus tres hijas? las define como responsables dedicadas a la escuela.. maria ferman/madre de familia hasta ahorita las trres han salido muy inteligentes y ellas solitas han salido adelante? juany bazan/telemun do la controversia y es de estas paginas de donde se deriva el termino de "mamas tigre" .. aquellas no dan permiso para pijamadas no television , ni computadoras ni videojuegos, solo tomar clases de piano o violin no calificaciones menores de "a" .. en otras palabras, buscan hacer de sus hijos buenos estudiantes... alina ramirez-ponce/terapeu ta hay cosas positivas, las mamas tigre es una mama que tiene expectativas altas, exige, que quiere que trabajen duro, que practiquen las cosas quizas ese esfuerzo extra por hacer que un ni?o aprenda si vale la pena...
Mar 10, 2011 5:30pm PST
housing. president olague: nina keovich, mike mcclain. >> i am david gass, the architect on the project. i have been practicing architecture since 1980 with my own firm. we understand how to produce homes that respond to our clients' needs, the neighborhood context, and the neighbors who are adjacent. we think we have accomplished that. could you get the computer on, please? we think we have succeeded next door. i think we are proposing here is in keeping with the neighborhood and will be another project that i am proud of. we have worked with our clients in the planning staff to craft a budget that was responsive to the presidential design standards and the historic character of the area. we started that process prior to filing for a permit. we met with the council. which of the project to the historic review team, meeting number of provisions in response to their input, and then worked with the residential design team to ship the product in a way that would respond to residential design standards. we also made a number of changes that responded to the neighbor'' comments and concerns. if
Mar 17, 2011 9:00pm PDT
. at this point we would like to -- there was one other card here. there is a nina? i apologize. i was going to close comment. thank you. if there is any other speakers who would like to speak who haven't given a card, line up there. otherwise, i will be closing public comment after nina. >> thank you for having me. i was born and raised in san francisco. my mother is actually an immigration consultant. i think growing up here, it was very aparent a, how much more vibrant this community because of the immigrants who are here. i graduated from laurel high school, which is the school where the majority of students are students of color. apart from my caucasian friend, i don't think a single one of my friends came from a non-immigrant family. the other thing growing up in this climate is how polarizing the issue is. it seems like there has been a battle between people who are pro immigration and people who are anti-immigration. but i think, especially seeing all the faces here, just putting faces on this issue makes it so there aren't two sides to this people, that there are two grooms of peopl
Mar 4, 2011 8:30pm EST
it the other day, even jurors are protected by the first amendment. did you agree, nina question of >> the occurred agreed. remember the word empathy? you have empathy for mr. snyder, but the court's job is not necessarily to have empathy but to say what the rules are that cover -- govern the country. they say the first amendment is not free speech for what we all agree with but the fringes. if we don't curtail it -- if we allow it to be curtailed their we do not have a free debate. >> charles? >> i agree. a cliche is the glory of the first amendment is it for tax hateful speech, otherwise he did not need it for a speech that is okay and accepted. but i think it sheds light on a corner of our lives, which is universities that have had the speech codes where the law does not reach in and do what it did in this case -- case, which is vindicate freeze beast. you had a great curtailment of speech precisely on the grounds of hurtful speech. and i think it has been a bane. not so that we should be proud of. i think occur -- court got it right and seven example. >> what charles talked a
Mar 11, 2011 8:30pm EST
of congress. nina, fasten your seat belt. npr's bumpy ride just ahead. >> it would be better in the long run. >> that is ron schiller, the former head of fundraising at npr, caught on tape by a group of fake muslim donors. members of congress are ready to take them up on the offer, cutting off funding. he had some unpleasant things to say about the republican party, tea party. after the story broke, the president and ceo resigned. i offered nina the chance to take a week off. she resigned -- she declined. she wanted to defend her company. >> i cannotend the top executives and i cannot defend the board, but i can defend the the product. there is a reason we are the only news organization, other than fox, with a growing audience. it is because our product. straight-shooting, factual, and spends an enormous amount of money gathering news from around the country and world. judge us by our product. the people in his room were probably more mortified than charles or anyone in the tea party, anybody else. we were horrified. and not by the political incorrectness of what was said, but by the fact th
FOX News
Mar 30, 2011 9:00pm EDT
with the latest fox news contributor, nina easton and margaret hoover. good to see you. >> thanks for having us. >> sean: howard dean quietly rooting for the shutdown. schumer has a plan, republicans are extreme. one report tonight if the republicans that there might be a deal around 33 billion. i contend if they do that they will have lost all credibility with the people that voted them into office. >> even after series of weeks of passing continuing resolutions, two billion dollars a week you think they would still be losing? >> sean: what was the promise they told the country? >> repealing obama care and they did that. delivering a modern ed republican economic agenda. >> sean: 100 billion dollars this year. and we would go back to 2008 spending levels. >> here's your problem, we need to step back -- >> sean: my problem? >> we gotta win the battle. and i think we've won the game. if we nitpick over this, it is going to creep into -- if we get 33 billion dollars in funding for the government savings that's great. next week paul ryan is unveiling his budget. >> sean: you know something, they'v
Mar 1, 2011 6:00pm PST
they zront a picture of her. >> i think she was a private person. >> jeff golden was nina ireand's doctor treating her chronic lung disease. he's in charge of the gift that ireland left to the pulmonary unit. >> this is a new news to us. we're discussing how we make the most of the opportunity. >> golden shared this picture of nina ireland. you won't find any others beyond her death notice and reports of her request. of the seven people who signed herron line memorial most were people who worked for her. deborah kent, her dog groomer. >> she lived an isolated lichl i felt privileged when i think about it you ask me, i never regarded her like that because i went to her house every month. she was my friend. >> and born and raised in birmingham heir to a fortune she bought one of the most famous homes in the city. she shunned society and the person who spent time with her was her full time gardener. >> as long as i knew her she live add lone. >> a very private person who made a very big statement by leaving her entire estate to the medical center and the doctors who cared for her. >> i think
Mar 6, 2011 9:00am PST
for the sunday group. chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor. nina easton of "fortune" magazine. kevin madden, republican strategist, mitt romney's spokesman in his presidential campaign. fox news political analyst juan williams. before we get to the panel, we have been trying to fact-check, which is hard to do on sunday mornings. all indications are from the first interview with margie phelps that she claims that the suit by the air force general seeking the disbarment of ten lawyers who are members of the church, she said that claim has been dismissed. we see no indication that it's been dismissed but we will stay on top of that story. all right. let's get to the economy and look at the numbers, chris. unemployment now down to 8.9%. 12 consecutive month of private sector job growth. the participation rate, percentage of people with jobs or looking for work the lowest in 25 years. chris, what does all of that tell you about the strength of the recovery? >> the recovery is still uncertain. and everybody knows that. and people in congress know that. the president knows that. and as we h
Mar 9, 2011 6:30pm PST
. >>> sin embargo, un estudio de la universidad de nueva york revela que los feos van más a la cárcel. nina recientemente sirvió de jurado. >>> influenció en su decisión? >>> en mi no, pero vi personas que le afectaron, tuve una jefa que dijo que si era un negro decía que era culpable. >>> el estudio publicado en una revista, indica que las personas menos agraciadas físicamente recibieron más sentencias de culpabilidad que las personas bellas. >>> el ser humano discrimina de por sí. >>> gilberto garcía es abogado criminalista. >>> el abogado a pesar de decirte al cliente decirle te debes comportar de cierta manera, siempre le dice trata de lucir lo mejor que pueda, es extremadamente importante. >>> la sicóloga moreno dice que el prejuicio es una conducta aprendida. >>> desde que nace un niño le dicen qué lindo, y el niño más oscurito no le dicen las mismas cosas, tenemos que cambiar el paradigma de ver no el color sino la integridad y la persona adentro. >>>periodista: será la justicia ciega? sea usted el jurado. en nueva york isolda peguero. >>>josé díaz balart: momento de
Mar 21, 2011 11:00pm PDT
que pueder dar uno para una cosa como esta 01:09:52 01:08:57 de ver la nina sentada en su silla con su corona, su vestido de quinceanera, es la maravilla tuvo mariachis, ballet folclorico y hasta se le cumplio a diana el deseo de estar con su papa que vive en mexico, y al que no veia hace ocho anos.. juan ramon lopez/padre de diana 15:16 yo le doy gracias a dios infinitamente a todas las personas conocidas y no conocidas por estar con ella 15:25 diana sufre de distrofia muscular y casi la totalidad de su cuerpo esta paralizada...el la vive en un hospital en saratoga para ninos con discapacidades severas....varios de ellos, sus amigos, fueron parte de su corte de honor y se vistieron para la ocasion. natsound musica no se podian quedar sin bailar....hasta prepararon una coreografia y se robaron el corazon de los asistentes. natsound 32:32 una reina eres tan bella lo que no sabemos es quien robara el corazon de diana....pero si la vimos muy emocionada escuchando la musica del joven cantante de san jose, manuel romero que tambien se hizo presente paul quintana/medico de diana 59:55 iba a
Mar 30, 2011 1:00am EDT
propuesta sera considerada por el concejo de la llego a nueva york, la nina este guatemaltecos, que fue devuelta en avion a guatemala la la cadena de tiendas walmart enta una demanda colectiva diminacion en la corte suprema. las demandantes reclaman que la compania las discrimino y favorece a los hombres en salarios y ascensos... las demandantes fueron apoyadas ante la corte suprema por manifestantes que argumentan que walmart no reconoce a las mujeres...los abogados y ejecutivos de walmart argumentan que la compania tiene politicas anti- discriminatorias desde hace mucho tiempo, y la semana pasada, los restos de una mujer malamente emados fueron descubiertos por la policia en el condado de prince willam y hoy las autoridades estan pidiendo la ayuda de nuestra comunidad para identificarla y dar con el responsable o responsables de su muerte... la policia todavia no ha podido identificarla.... su cuerpo fue encontrado casi calcinado....en un basurero... de un vecindario en woodbridge.... 0ú@@sceste hallazgo alarma s vecinos... "si muy preocupante y al mismo tiempo
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